Salt, sugar, fat – that’s where it is! How to make this food trilogy healthy

Where It’s in is when your taste buds go away oh yeah baby that’s what i was wishing for and a few minutes later your brain says, oh yeah me too, got it, thanks and your heart says oh my gosh thank you so much for thinking about I this time. And soon those trillions of cells in your body will be dancing happily because you’re not just satisfying your taste buds or those easily manipulated neural pathways that corporations have taken over.

Why? Because you did your homework. You read Michael Moss’s Salt, sugar, fat: how the food giants hooked us and then you did something about it …

But what you ask … what could the little me do to combat these cravings when my body has become so used to food that it has literally been designed to make me want to eat irrational amounts of dense calories? delicious packed with unprecedented levels of — sugar, salt, and fat, Oh my!

Even the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse in Washington says that “it is more difficult for people to control their eating habits than narcotics.” If you’ve ever gulped down a whole bag of impeccably flavored potato chips, little bits of cheezey cheese, or perfectly proportioned cream-filled cookies, you know it’s not that easy. just say no

It’s not like there’s a rehab for this kind of thing, right?

Yes and no. There are two ways to do it, depending on your personality. Would you rather rip off the band-aid quickly? So, watch the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” Desperate for a solution, the hero of the story drinks nothing but organic vegetable juice until he gets better.

Then there are places like the Optimum Health Institute near San Diego where you can go eat only raw fruits and vegetables for a week or two. This at least provides a supportive environment with modalities to help your body with the detox that it will experience.

Unfortunately, just like winning the lottery, many of the winners enjoy the feeling of being alive and vital for a short time before falling back into old patterns. Why? Why wouldn’t someone choose more empowering habits once they’ve had a taste of the good life?

In a word: psycho-neurobiology; technically, two words with a mouthful of syllables. This explains how the food giants got us hooked and, better yet, how you can unhook yourself without the up and down disappointment of a diet that never lasts because it is based on discipline and deprivation.

While a small percentage of the population is programmed to be successful in this way, religiously counting calories or points to control their weight, isn’t life much more than numbers on a scale? Or the size of the waist? Or do you look good? Isn’t it really about feeling good? About having the energy to enjoy your body in whatever way turns you on? Dance? Skiing? Three laps on the trampoline? What about enjoying good food, good friends, and good times without obsessing over grams of fat?

There is a way out that is based on the way our brain works and it has a lot to do with creating a lifestyle that is sustainable. The first key is to find someone who believes in you, someone who knows that you can make the necessary changes to enjoy healthier eating from now on — personal trainers, private chefs, best friends who also love food and have Similar goals — Any of these people can help you stay inspired by reframing problems into new possibilities.

Then, as the corporate food scientist struggles to find a way to combine pleasure and health, you can easily get started tomorrow. Where to start? In your own kitchen. There are literally hundreds of recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes even by someone with little experience who uses “the holy trinity of food” in a way that is healthy and satisfying because it is fresh and because it is real.

Once you have a repertoire of tried and true, extra delicious and super healthy foods that you can easily make, just repeat the process. When you do, your body will gradually and naturally remember how to eat and what to eat. By focusing on what you are adding to your body, you begin a course correction that takes you to a much happier and healthier place for the rest of your life.

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