Why does self-control help you?

Do you want to become the best that you can possibly become? How could you effectively handle obstacles, often pushed, in your way, regularly, consistently, and productively? Will you get anxious when you need to be calm and / or impatient / impulsive, when patience is needed? After more than four decades of consulting and producing personal development / personal growth seminars, I have come to believe that most people lack the necessary degree of self-growth. CONTROL, which often makes a significant difference, for the better, in terms of becoming everything you can be! With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents and why does it help you improve, etc.

1. Character; to coordinate; creative / create; options / choose: We must all strive to become individuals, with a high quality of character, who is able to coordinate his life, etc., in a creative way, to create the best personal possibilities! Self-control is often determined by the choices we make and the course we choose to follow.

2. Organize; options; opportunities: Becoming your personal best brand requires the willingness and ability to effectively organize your efforts and consider various viable options and alternatives, in order to transform challenges into opportunities, etc.

3. Needs: Get a checkup, from the neck up, and determine your true needs, as opposed to irrelevant wants, etc.! Make this a personal decision, because, being the happiest, means / requires, more than simply trying to fit in, but rather identifying, knowing and determining your personal strengths and weaknesses, using the areas of strength effectively, and wisely and proactively make adaptations to any and every area of ​​weakness!

Four. Time tested; timely: How you balance, by proceeding with care and prudence, using time-tested approaches and knowledge, with the willingness and willingness to make timely and well-considered decisions and take action, consequently, often facilitates self-control, and maximum efficiency and happiness!

5. Realistic; reliable / responsive; relevant: It is never in your best interest to avoid and / or deny reality and proceed realistically! How could you improve your efficacy and self-esteem / value, in a trustworthy and responsive way? Only when one proceeds, in a relevant, sustainable and focused way, will he become the best, possibly, to be!

6. Optimize; to opt: Doesn’t it make sense to try to optimize the possibilities and be, in the best position, to opt for the best path forward?

7. Listens; learn; lessons: Pay attention and listen effectively, and learn, from every conversation and experience, etc., to personally take advantage of these lessons and be better able to proceed, with greater knowledge, judgment, and hopefully wisdom!

Develop your self – CONTROL, so you can be the master of your own destiny! Are you up to the task?

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