The Universe in Motion Parts I to III

The Universe in Motion

((In narrative poetic prose) (and semi hexameter))

Part I of III

Forever and from the start

In an endless movement, everything goes

It flows unperturbed: the heavens above,

The well below, the planets, the stars and the

Cosmos; bodies, nature, space, abyss,

The flash of the rays, the heat, the cold,

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and the

Vastness of the whole: run its course

Through the travel time that allowed them

By God Almighty -everything is on the run-

Everyone has a journey, all in the spread of

Things, scattered to all ends of creation!

All movement in the universe goes, flows

Devoid of end Man with his very

Eyes, they can see things that connect things.

See how space and time bend, matter trembles!

Hill to hill, mountain to mountain, sea to

Sea, land to the end of the land and to the end of the sea, and

Rivers, tributaries and nature, – by

Nature protects everything, the whole body. One federal,

The other, and all engender humanity by

The holy members of God. If separated

From your setting, for the absurdity, pray to God to put

Go back to your place; or god forbid

First! Because it would be better

Not to have been, to have been everything

Scattered and uninvited. By

In fact, nothing started or stabilized

By himself, and each and every one of them, in his rightful

Square. Nor did the primary germs say to each other:

How each must move to be propelled;

Compacted and changed to make a flower.

Or a plant, an insect, a tree … Then by trial

And mistake, try to make a mortal!

God forbid these kinds of movements and things

So infectious germs take priority

In creation, if so, should they decide

So to do big rearrangements, what then?

Touch contiguous, connect, attach,

Turn humanity into goblins and goblins?

But God has obstructed such a plan,

He kept what he got, he launched the right move,

Matter to flow in the cosmos, oceans.

And gravity to churn like the seas

Explosions; and by the forces of the earth,

A canopy; and, an asteroid belt, clustered

Barriers, built to move and sway, to cover up

Earth, of invaders. And through proper

Balance and movement: the earth spins like a top,

Counterclockwise; and the moon orbits the

Earth, counterclockwise, and Earth orbits

The sun-immovable-counterclockwise …

And the bear, the fox, the wolf, the whale

And the fire, the reptile, the spider, all with

Breath and air; and plants absorb that of man

Carbon dioxide, and it emits oxygen …

One feeds the other, even the Earth’s sky

With Earth’s solar system, everyone works together.

Can a deep-rooted, fertile germ fix all this?

In a billion or more years? Without God

Initiative, inventive? The

Germ, do they have a brain, far beyond God’s?

Can the proton, the electrons, inside

A cell, within its nucleus, acts together,

Without God triggering the life and death movement?

Do you have a will, a heart, a breath, or a brain?

Who is creating the replay barrier, code?

Genetic DNA; keep sickness away

Cornered? The immune system, by chance?

Vanity gives foolish dreams to embrace.

Vanity says: something comes from nothing;

What do fixed positions come from? Oblivion!

I mean, something out of nowhere is the

New cause, by chance, which is contrary to

The dubious physiological impossibilities of man himself.

The blind lead the blind, the fool teaches his

Error and foolishness are born outside of God.

How did all this happen?

All these things in motion, always together …

The sun stands still, but it’s on the move

In its frame as a whole, until its energy

It diminishes and collapses in its

Possess, losing its gravitational pull and grip:

It moves slowly towards its death, a black hole.

Yet so many things hide their movements,

When it is far from us, too far to see and study it.

Even the simple landscapes, the hillside

The woolly herds, the mud beetle.

The color of the grass, we are all

Blurred and hunched over, as if she were far away.

The warmth of the sun, its serene atoms

Accelerate with your light, through the matter of God

Traveling this empty void, bound

Heat the earth, slowly, and hit me

To the waves of the air; heat particles

Wailing, exhaling, tangled, tangled,

Each restrained by the fingertips of God, controlled and

Balanced, in advance. Aboriginal atoms

With its ancient, bold and simple solidity.

We are a young species collecting data

In time, space, life, matter, energy, with

A barbarous past …, nor are we a

Long-lived species, years to be counted

Several times at our fingertips:

To explore the wonders of God, we must hurry!

Should the sharpness of space,

His plan, his baffling weight and strength,

Should it move slowly in time and space?

And if God hadn’t kept his

Original design, -by: chance, menacing

Madness and rarity, cutting possibilities

By chance and rhyme?

The red lust of madness would have intervened

And, -what God has put in its place, coincidence

It would have been obsolete and implausible!

The Unfolded Universe

Part II of III

Regarding movement, develop these thoughts: look

In the heavens, that by no means,

Could the nature of the world, the universe be built?

Apart from divine design, power; what are you failing

Are you overwhelmed? All the weight on

The land: grains and trees, mountains and seas.

Not jumping into the sky … but like the roof of a dome

Stay in place. Wood and beams, our bodies

The elephant and the whale, all the weight

Beneath the earth, its magma, its plates,

The crust of the earth, all in and out, no

Do not go up, go up like the wind, into the void

Void: beyond the moon! Venus, Mars … to the sun!

Fire and flames move into the air, rise high,

And then let go: what makes them back down?

Meteorites burn before hitting the ground;

If not, they splatter sparingly. The midnight

Shooting stars burn in the sky, just like the

The devil’s star, the comet, with long burning and raging tails

Like the Dragon. And the constellations fall to

The sight of the Earth, while the Earth spins on a needle!

From corner to corner: rain comes, hail, light,

Heat, all bustle, from above and above

And from the clouds, zigzagging, receding

To the earth! Why not the other way around! God

He has made the firmament of the earth like a layered cake.

And if the naked eye looks optimistic,

Through a telescope you will see the universe

Dotted with galaxies, everything spinning, churning

In and with movement. Furrowed by great waves

Fifteen billion years in the making. Energized,

With gravity: the cosmos making quantum leaps,

With new insights and relativity:

Attract bodies to bodies as matter holds

Moving like the surface of a sea, with its

Gravitational waves and amazing precision …

And recreating new galaxies from black holes.

So isn’t the universe our beloved,

Multicolored home! Amazing, intriguing,

Always interacting, always on the move …

The crossing

Part III of III

In light of all that I have said, we are

Now at the crossroads where the Universe resides

And God, the creation of the universe is

Hidden first by nature; and then by science.

Science returns to God without meaning, a relic.

And we also have theological concealment

Of the universe, its movement, its creation!

Why! For the sake of grace, to work through faith.

You must take the physical, then the spiritual.

To understand God is to understand the

Universe, maybe not so different from a fish tank

And God, above him, looking down at him:

Or God, entering her, without stopping to look

Down on him. The Universe and Creation

It was created with the idea that you live

With movement, with a view to worship.

# 5246 / 5-18 to 31-2016

By Dennis L. Siluk, Dr. Hc © May 2016

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