The difference between direct and indirect affiliate pages

With direct affiliate pages, you will start earning money for every sale converted, simply by creating an account with an affiliate network and placing your affiliate link code on your website. However, it is possible for visitors to click on any of your site links directly, via email or any of the online promotions, whichever way you have chosen, it takes visitors to the page. sales and earn a certain commission on sales whenever those who browse your site are taken to this page which eventually leads to sales.

Indirect affiliate pages are just the blank web pages that redirect your site visitors to the landing page, where they can decide whether to make a purchase or not. It is much better to use the blank web page link on your site, email or online promotions rather than the direct affiliate page link. Again, when visitors click on the blank web page link, they are taken to the sales landing page and then forward the visitor directly to the affiliate site.

What makes indirect affiliate pages interesting is that they don’t actually appear as affiliate links. Some site visitors don’t like to buy directly through affiliate links, so with the blank web pages created, they won’t realize that the page is just to redirect them to an affiliate link. In conclusion, these pages convert to sales better than direct affiliate pages when placed in the same location on the website. It’s just simple logic that anyone could try and you’ll start to smile at the bank.

Here is the simple step to create an indirect affiliate page:

1. Create a new web page on your site and leave it blank as is.

2. Then insert the following code between the header tags.

meta http-equiv = “refresh” content = “0; url = http: // www.”

What you will do is simply replace the URL “” with the link from your own affiliate program.

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