PS3 YLOD Fixes: Three Possible Ways To Fix Your PlayStation 3 And Save Money

After my PlayStation 3 acquired YLOD, I frantically searched the internet for easy YLOD solutions. I didn’t want to pay $150 to Sony and wait weeks to get my PS3 back. So after I finished my research, it seemed like I had three options available: re-flux, re-balling, or a PS3 YLOD repair guide.

Reflux can be done at home by watching videos on the Internet, but it requires some skill and supplies. The most expensive supply is a heat gun. Reflow involves taking the PS3 apart and reflowing the solder between the computer chips and the motherboard. While reflowing, it’s important that you don’t have the heat gun too hot, because if the heat gun is too hot, it can completely mess up the motherboard. Also, it is very important to isolate the motherboard during a reflow. Personally, I use bubble wrap and aluminum foil. The insulation protects the other parts of the motherboard that you don’t want the heat to reach. Then, after reflowing, you need to reapply thermal compound to the computer chips (CPU and GPU). From experience I would recommend Arctic Silver Thermal Compound, it may be a bit more expensive but it will make your reflux last longer. Re-flowing your PS3 by yourself definitely comes with some risks. I personally re-flushed my PS3 three times, and then on the fourth time it wouldn’t turn on anymore. After a process of elimination, I reasoned that I had simply heated my motherboard for too long and messed up some component. Another thing to consider about reflux is that it is not permanent. My reflux repairs generally lasted 3-5 months. Reflowing is a relatively easy DIY solution if you can find the right videos and have the right supplies. Just be aware that there is a risk of actually messing up your console.

The second solution I mentioned is to play again. Reballing consists of replacing the solder balls that join the computer chips (CPU and/or GPU) to the motherboard. The replacement solder used will be much more durable than the old solder. Re-balling is impossible to do unless you have the proper equipment. The equipment required is highly advanced and costs thousands of dollars. Reballing should be left to the professionals, so you can send your console to one of these professionals and have them reball it for you. There are many people on the Internet who do professional reballing. Re-balling will be the only safe permanent solution for your PS3 if you are a very heavy gamer. Which means the stock solder on the PS3 just isn’t designed for hours and hours of gaming. Drawbacks to replaying include: you’ll most likely have to ship your console, unless you can find someone locally, and replaying can be a bit pricey. You can search the internet to see what kind of deal you can get, but it will usually set you back $90 or more.

The third and last solution I mentioned is to buy a repair guide. The repair guide will take the risk out of repairing your console yourself as it will explain in detail and guide you through everything you need to do. Also, if you have any questions, the support provided is excellent. The solution provided by the guide will last longer than reflowing on its own, if not a permanent solution. Plus, the repair guide is less than half the cost of re-balling. With a repair guide, you can get back to playing as soon as you need to complete the repair, which usually takes about an hour, and you don’t have to ship your console. For a more detailed review of the repair guide I recommend, follow the link below.

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