Introduction to Dog Breeds – Glory of the German Shepherd – Your True Friend!

If you are looking for a great companion dog, then GSD is for you. Because here is a dog that will be dedicated to you at all times. I still remember the time when I got married into a dog-loving family. I knew they had a GSD at home, but I never had a chance to meet him before I got married. Once I entered the house, I was greeted by a strong and handsome GSD, who conveyed a sense of strength and intelligence. He didn’t bark at me, but he gave me a warm welcome. Very soon, I developed a strong bond with him.

The German Shepherd or GSD, also known as the Alsatian, is one of the most versatile dogs, having excelled as a sentry and guard dog, police and army dog, tracker, drug detector dog, guide dog for the blind, as well as search and rescue. dog. Aside from these utilities, he is an excellent show and companion dog. A GSD is probably an international favorite of all races. It differs from other breeds in that it does many different jobs. Since the earliest dates in history, it has been employed by armies to aid in fighting, such as sentries, prisoner guards, defending enemy camps, detecting mines, working with rescue units, finding wounded soldiers, and carrying medicine.

General appearance

A GSD is a handsome, well-proportioned dog. He is strong with a sturdy, muscular and slightly elongated body with a light but solid bone structure. It has a harmonious development of the forequarters and hindquarters. “The position and fit of the limbs are harmonized in such a way as to ensure a long-lasting, long-range trot. The gait is flexible, smooth and long-range, carrying the body along. Its croup is long and gradually sloping.” .

Its head is proportionate to its body with medium-sized ears, which are wide at the base and high on the head. Its almond-shaped eyes are slightly slanted and its color matches that of its fur. His eyes radiate intelligence and confidence, full of life. Its tail is bushy and its coat is thick and dense, composed of straight and stiff hairs, layered tightly over the body. There are different coat colors found on GSDs, including black with tan, all black, and steel gray.

It has an indisputable beauty. “It has a seal of quality and nobility, difficult to define, but unmistakable. It gives an impression of perpetual vigilance, vivacity and vigilance, alert to every sight and sound, with nothing escaping attention,” she adds proudly.

The average height of dogs is 24 to 26 inches, while that of females is 22 to 24 inches. Its weight ranges between 35 and 40 kg. They have a life expectancy of about 13 years.


GSD is an intelligent dog and its intelligence should be used in a positive way. You can teach him obedience training or keep him involved in family activities. GSDs are often used as working dogs, as they are alert and fearless. They are alert and fearless. They are bold and cheerful and easy to train.

A GSD is full of loyalty, courage, and trust. They love to please and demand the company of their families. You should never isolate a GSD for an extended period of time. Their protective nature towards their family makes them distrustful of strangers, but proper training and early socialization prevent this problem from arising. They have highly developed senses, mentally and temperamentally. Furthermore, he is strongly individualistic. They are good with children and other family pets. “A GSD loves and craves human companionship and thrives on love and affection, without which it is a miserable, neurotic dog. When you have a GSD as a companion, it is a guardian, protector, and playmate of your children.”

GSD puppy

The best age to acquire a puppy is around 8 weeks, as by then the puppy would have been dewormed, vaccinated and weaned. She advises following the feeding chart provided by the breeder. In addition, the puppy should be kept in a dry, clean and well ventilated place. Isolation is not recommended. It should be kept on a rough surface so that you can grip it firmly. “The bones of a puppy are very supplied, if they are on a smooth surface, their movement is affected,” he explains. Give him a good nutritious meal at regular intervals. “You need a lot of calcium, B vitamins, and multivitamins.”

A GSD puppy must be socialized from an early age to avoid behavior problems at a later stage. They must be trained lovingly but firmly.


GSDs are easy to maintain and you can keep them in your apartment if you get enough exercise. They are relatively idle indoors, but a large jogging yard is a great option. “He is not a cage or kennel dog and requires freedom for his mental and physical development. In turn, you get protection and companionship. He will share your joys and sorrows and will never ask for anything in return except to be by your side.”

GSD makes wonderful pets in city apartments, as well as country houses or farms, because they are so easily trained.


A GSD needs regular exercise. Physical activity benefits mental and emotional health. He loves strenuous activity, combined with moderate training. They love a challenge and they perform well. Exercise is as important as food. To stay fit, healthy, and happy, you need at least 5 miles of brisk walking or jogging a day. A game of fetch, swim, frisbee disc, etc. it will be equally welcomed by a GSD.


A GSD sheds hair constantly and is seasonally a heavy shedding. A quick daily brushing is an excellent idea. But they should not bathe frequently. “Start grooming when he is a puppy and he will enjoy it for the rest of his life. Daily rushing will give the coat a healthy, shiny look.


A GSD is prone to inherited diseases such as hip dysplasia, dermatitis, and ear infections.

GSD shows

Sieger Show in Germany is an exclusive event for German Shepherd dogs and their breeders and keepers. More than 3,000 dogs compete here and are seen by more than 70,000 spectators. Dogs undergo a real test not only to confirm them, but also for their working abilities, as GSD is a sheepdog.

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