How to Burn Fat and Feed Your Muscles as a Vegetarian

Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle is a program that can work for everyone, including vegetarians. In this article, we will discuss how a vegetarian can use this program to build muscle.

Because the BFFM program is based on eating protein with every meal, a vegetarian will have to personalize it a bit for them. This program requires you to eat lean meat that vegetarians do not eat. Then you will have to get your protein elsewhere.

First of all, you can combine 2 plant proteins instead. This could be beans and rice that will provide you with a full protein meal. Another source would be dairy products and eggs. You still get protein while toning your body and building muscle.

A low body fat, which can be achieved by anyone, even a vegetarian. That’s because fat loss really comes down to eating fewer calories. It takes more effort. Low carb and high protein diets are a popular way to lose weight and that usually means some meat.

High protein diets help control insulin and blood sugar levels in your body. By not having a high-protein diet, you can still lose weight, but maybe not that fast.

Fat loss is primarily dependent on calories in versus calories out, metabolic efficiency, and hormonal control. A high protein diet can give you some hormonal and metabolic benefits in losing fat and building muscle mass, but fat loss can be achieved 100% through exercise and calorie / portion control.

To burn fat and fuel muscle as a vegetarian, then you still have to exercise as hard or harder than people who do with lean meat and eggs for protein. If you intend to follow the BFFM book, you will need to make adjustments to the way it is written.

As you begin to lose weight, your energy level and confidence will increase. This will give you an added incentive to remain vegetarian and follow this program as well. By increasing the intensity of your workouts as you get in better shape, you will see more fat disappear.

Feeding the muscle just gets easier and vegetarians know some of the best great tasting food recipes that will get the job done.

To summarize this article, a vegetarian can follow the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle program like anyone else. You just have to make adjustments for the type of food you eat and especially pay attention to how you get your protein.

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