14 signs to know if a guy likes you

1. Always try to be with you

If a guy likes you, he will always be with you for no apparent reason because he finds you attractive and he can’t resist being around you.

2. It makes you small subtleties

He could buy you a candy bar or a package of candy for no apparent reason, it could be anything to show you that you are special and that he doesn’t mind having fun times with you.

3. Ask about your day

Yes, ask how your day is going and if there is anything you can do to make it more interesting. Many times, this is an indication that a man likes you.

4. Compliments you

Yes, he compliments you, like “I like your new shoes or dress or your new hairstyle”, something your other friends don’t seem to notice, he does notice and gives the right compliment.

5. Talk about yourself with your friends.

If, for example, you are in the same university or workplace as the boy, he will definitely talk about you with his friends with a positive comment like: “Do you know this girl? She is an attractive man and I can’t wait to accept her outside “

6. It takes you out

If a guy likes you, in the future when he feels comfortable with you and feels that you are not going to decline his offer, he may invite you out for coffee, lunch, a movie, or a drink. Either of you aims to make time together for him to see how compatible you are together.

7. He notices small changes in you.

Yes, a guy who likes you notices little things about you, for example, if you have cut and trimmed your hair, or if you have had a different color than nail polish. Or even if you have had a change in your eye makeup.

8. Laughs at your jokes.

This is the strongest sign that a man likes you. Most men laugh only if a joke is really original and they haven’t heard of it before. But for a man to laugh at any joke you make, even the dumbest ones, it’s a safe bet that he’s totally into you.

9. Gets nervous around you

Sometimes men can act nervous and go at a loss for what to say when they are around a woman they like. This is partly due to the fact that he doesn’t want to say something and is embarrassed if it doesn’t go well. So they stick with this part until they are totally comfortable with you.

10. Enjoy spending time with you

Yes, if a guy enjoys your company, whether it’s at work, college, or the gym, he might like you. Men can’t resist spending most of their time with a woman they like, it’s just fun and it makes them happier.

11. He calls you or sends you a text message to ask you about things he could find on Google.

If a guy calls or texts you to ask you obvious questions he might find on the internet, then he might be interested in you unless he doesn’t have internet access. Actually, he hopes that if you like him too, you can keep the conversation ongoing and interesting instead of cutting it down to formality.

12. smiles at you a lot

Yes, if a guy smiles at you a lot, then it shows that he is interested in you and the smile is partly to make you see the fact that he is a nice guy to be with. Also, it is true that women are attracted to a guy who can smile, no woman wants to date a grumpy guy.

13. Touching you subtly, for example, a pat.

Yes, he could pat you on the shoulder or back, just to let you know that he really likes you and doesn’t mind invading your private space. This way, if he smiles or laughs about it, he will know that you reciprocate his efforts and will take it further.

14. Looking at you

A man likes a woman; he can’t help looking at her genuinely in awe. This is mainly due to the fact that you want to see if you can get more about this woman than what her face says. He wants to see if she can notice his gaze and reciprocate with a smile or a wink.

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