When the colors of your life fade to black and white

Have you ever noticed how vibrant the memories of happy and exciting times in your life are? You can remember the smallest details; the images in your mind are full of color. It’s easy to remember the season, the color of the sky, the leaves, and even the faces of strangers that somehow became part of the memories you treasure. These scenes are important; pay attention to the details you can “see”.

Now let your mind drift to the most painful moments of your life. Like changing the channel on your television, the scene before you changes. Physical and emotional pain, anger, fear, and rejection fall into this part of the memory bank. How does the scene look to you when you try to remember details? Can you see the sky, the color of the leaves, or the color of the clothes people are wearing? Probably not; Anger often turns to bitterness, pain turns into a scar you choose not to see, and oddly, the colors fade to black and white. The scenes are raw, cold; time stops here in this memory. You choose to look away quickly to avoid having to re-experience those emotions. You can easily lose the ability to dream a new dream. Choosing to switch channels again often seems like the best solution; do that now.

Those times come into all of our lives. The good moments, the best moments and the ones we wish we had never experienced. It is a part of the ladder of life where our choices alter the results. Now look at your life today. How vibrant are the colors you see in current events in your life? Do they match the times you remembered before? Are they vibrant and full of detail, or do those details quickly fade?

There is a secret to be revealed here that can alter the outcome of your future. Are you aware that your subconscious mind cannot discern the difference between what you experience as reality and a dream? Simply accept what you believe to be true; then you act to offer exactly what you think is real. It is the basis behind the biblical phrase, ‘As a man thinks, so is he’. What you think is real becomes your reality.

If the colors have faded to black and white, it’s time to dream up something new, fill it in with vibrant colors and details before they happen. Watch it as often as possible, fill in more details, more joy, more miracles and more pictures that make you happy. Whatever decision you are making becomes easier when you look at it in this context. Regardless of the details you are missing that make you unsure of what is right for you, look at the images that the new idea brings.

You are tapping into the truth from a higher consciousness; look the photos. Those that have vibrant colors and are full of detail indicate the right choice for you. Those who fade quickly are the ones who cannot lead to the joy and goodness you are seeking.

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