Standards Termination Pay – An Ad For a Job in a Computer Store May Not Have Loaded When You Read This Article

Standards Termination Pay

Standards termination pay is one of the few industries that is largely immune to the economic downturn. Companies often continue to invest in new products and innovative strategies, even during times of economic duress, but they rarely engage in cost cutting severance pay measures. As a result, when times get tough, the budget will eventually be tightened. When this happens, companies have to start looking for ways to increase cash flow, and one way that can ultimately lead to increases in profits is to reduce costs, streamline processes, and implement new, more effective policies.

One of the ways that these companies do this is by implementing what is known as an aggressive strategy. In this advertisement, you saw an example of an aggressive strategy in action. This strategy was implemented because the company was undergoing cost cutting measures. The ad stated:

“Howards Levitt, the company’s chief human resources officer, tells me that it’s now getting more difficult to find and attract top talent because so many of the company’s customers are using Internet search engines to locate talent. In fact, he says, about half of the people hired in the last three years have been Internet users.” This ad is telling a somewhat dramatic story. However, it would be much more accurate to say that less than half of the people hired in the last three years were Internet users, and that the Internet has only been a part of the picture in terms of the amount of people who have hired employees through the use of search engines.

Standards Termination Pay – An Ad For a Job in a Computer Store May Not Have Loaded When You Read This Article

So, how does this situation play out? If standards are fired, a salaried employee, who is under no legal obligation to use the Internet, can simply refuse to use the computer. This will surely result in the creation of a pool of unemployed workers, and the amount of people employed by standards companies will decrease. If standards termination pay is what is being threatened, employers will have no choice but to hire non-Internet savvy employees who are not likely to sue, or else face the possibility of hefty litigation penalties when they do use the computers after being told that using the computers constitutes the unacceptable use of company computer equipment.

Howards Levitt is correct that many employers have felt the threat of increased litigations after a worker is let go because of improper computer use. The problem lies in how this particular employee was let go in the first place. Most industries make it their business to ensure that all of its employees are computer literate. This means that any story that an employer decides to tell to justify this severance is going to have to be based on a story of an employee who did not take his or her job seriously enough or who used inappropriate language or who visited offensive websites while employed. While these are definitely bad news, if standards are really that important to the employer, then the story that this advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.

A standard that many employers follow is to make sure that it does not cost anything for its employees to be educated. This means that most of them will provide training and educational opportunities for their employees. An ad for a job in this industry would contain information about these programs, and that this kind of job is only offered to those who have completed a high school diploma or a GED level. There are very few industries that offer jobs of this nature to individuals with low educational background, and these standards terminate people who are not qualified because they failed to maintain their academic excellence in spite of being let go.

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