Sony Ericsson J110: the king of cheap pay-per-use mobile phones

There is a growing trend that has been creeping up on us for a few months now. As high-end mobile phones become more and more complex (and, it must be said, more expensive), there is a growing desire among the buying public for cheaper mobile phones. That’s where the Sony Ericsson J110 comes into play, the king of cheap phones!

Pay-per-use mobile phones: people want it cheap

It might seem obvious to say, but even people who want high-end cell phones want them as cheap as possible (unless you’re an iPhone fanatic, then it seems like you inexplicably want to pay a LOT more than you should). But right at the other end of the market are the people who whose wants a flashy phone, which whose they want the latest gadget that sings and dances. And if you’re one of those people, then good for you, because I’m on your side. Sometimes you don’t need a phone to be an internet device, music player or camera. Sometimes you just need a phone.

Tea other A good part of pay-as-you-go mobile phones is how you use them. You don’t have a contract to sign up, you just pay as you go (so, really, the clue is in the name…) Ok, maybe you won’t get the free minutes and texts you get on a contract, but you can keep Keep a tight rein on your spending and control exactly how much you spend on your phone. Of course, if budget is a big concern, paying as you go is the ideal solution. But what about the ideal phone?

One step ahead, the Sony Ericsson J110: super cheap, super cheerful

There’s something inherently charming about the Sony Ericsson J110. It has a really cute shell, and it feels lovely to hold and use. However, you will notice something when do hold it, which is that it has no camera. And then you turn it on and you realize it doesn’t have a music player. Or internet. Or instant messaging, or video, or any function, except 2 games (which are sooooooooooo simple) and a color screen. And that is. But that, my friends, is the beauty of it. It is not meant to be a feature-rich mobile phone. It’s designed to make calls and text messages, to have an alarm clock, and, erm, that’s about it.

That’s why it takes the crown as the undisputed king of cheap pay-per-use mobile phones. Other phones will try to include an FM radio, or give you a compromise, allowing you to view pictures or download ringtones. this no Sony Ericsson has stripped any trace of frivolity from it, to make it the ultimate lean and mean calling machine. Simply put, it’s a phone, it’s nothing more than a phone, and it never wants to be anything more than a phone. And if that’s the phone you want, the J110 is TEA perfect mobile phone for you. Available on many networks including O2, Orange and Virgin Mobile.

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