Should You Use Wearing in Your Writing?

As a writer with many years of experience, I have never been impressed by excessive or unnecessary use of keywords in an article as it comes across as unprofessional and just the kind of language certain teenagers would use to appear cool in front of their friends. . However, wearing clothes can have a big effect on your story if used with the right characters or situations, like a gangster threatening someone meddling in his business, for example. But what about using profanity in articles? Is there any benefit to this?

Years ago I was putting together an online magazine with a couple of people (which never really took off) and asked a friend to review a PC game. When I received the review, I was surprised to see that almost all the other words were F-words and would need major editing before they could be included in the magazine. It seemed like my friend hated the game so much that he thought using it was the only way he could describe how bad it was. I explained to him that the foul language he was using might be considered offensive by some people and therefore he had to remove it. He never agreed with me.

People read reviews to help them decide if they want to buy a piece of software, so it’s up to the reviewer to give them a list of possible pros and cons to it. Simply telling people you didn’t like it, in my opinion, isn’t very helpful. Maybe the reviewer doesn’t like that kind of game or maybe he’s comparing it to something he likes better. Someone like my friend couldn’t offer a fair and honest review if he is letting his anger control them and is on a mission to destroy any potential sales of the game. So when you’re writing for a magazine, you have to remember that your job is to answer questions the reader may be asking, like what is the game about? Is the control system easy? graphics and sound? Is it easy to get in and so on. There are many words that are not bad words in the English language that can be used to say how good or bad a game is.

Certain mild swear words can be used to give your article or story that comedic effect. One of the tricks we use in comedy writing is to do or say something unexpected. Here is an example from one of my stories.

The prince could no longer control his feelings and holding Sallie in his arms he said in a low and vibrating voice… “Honey, I don’t care what happened in your past or who you loved. I just know that I am enraptured by your effervescent impersonation. of feminine neatness. The very essence of corybantic love emotion is a maelstrom in my chest”.

‘Balls!’ Sally said.

Imagine a woman being held in the arms of a prince who is speaking to her using beautiful fluid language and suddenly she responds with a common-sounding swear word like “bollocks.” Something you just wouldn’t expect to come from a woman in a romantic embrace with a handsome prince.

So to answer the original question “Should you wear clothes in your writing?” The answer is no, unless you feel it is necessary to add realism to your story, such as the gangster example, where the reader would expect the gangster to use foul and threatening language to strike fear into the people he is dealing with. . But in a general non-fiction article, he would discourage the use of profanity, as they are not necessary.

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