Seven household chores that can help you lose weight

Doing housework is essential to keeping a home fairly clean and organized. Many women want to combine this activity with a workout to lose a little extra weight. We’re here to give you some advice on what kinds of household activities will help you burn the most calories and make you visibly slimmer. Here are the top 7 tasks that will help you the most.

The first step in your cleaning routine should be to tidy up the rooms. You can’t start cleaning if there are beds to make, dirty clothes to put in the laundry basket, and a lot of things that aren’t in their place. With this activity you get a tidy house and a few calories burned at the same time!

The second task that can keep you in shape is scrubbing the floor. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend tidying up the house if you don’t clean the floor. There are also things to clean there. This activity can strengthen your arms and is a great leg workout. You will definitely burn some calories in the process! However, if you have rugs in all of your rooms, you can replace the mop with the vacuum. This is a great opportunity to exercise by doing some lunges. Be careful though, the vacuum cleaner should not be used to lean on something, it should be your balancing helper, nothing more! This activity is like doing cardio and it can definitely help you train your legs!

Another activity that can be beneficial for your legs is the squat! It probably happens often to you that you bend over to get something out of the lower drawer or to get your clothes out of the washing machine. The next time you do one of these things, or a similar one, try squatting, instead of squatting, squats can work your thighs and legs and are one of the must-do activities for your legs.

You probably have a washing machine at home. Forget this! A great exercise is to wash clothes with your own hands. If you spend less than half an hour washing them with detergent it is a great exercise for your hands. Once they’re dry, you can iron them with more pressure. This activity helps train your hands and arms and make them stronger and tougher.

If you have a garden, start taking better care of it and spending more time there! According to some studies, gardening can help you burn more than 300 calories in no more than an hour. Participating in this activity helps you have a beautiful flower garden or plant some vegetables to complete your healthy lifestyle. Try spending more time in the garden and it is sure to benefit your whole body inside and out!

You have a car? Do not? Perhaps your spouse or another member of your family will. Washing your car can help you lose around 150 calories, which is fair enough. With this activity you train your whole body. You can do squats, ledges and other activities for the legs, combining them with scrubbing and cleaning the car.

The latter is not just a chore or something you have to do. Taking care of your children is one of the most enjoyable types of workouts. If you have a messy baby or toddler, then you know that you need to constantly be around them, feed them, bathe them, take care of them, etc. These activities can definitely help you lose a little extra weight and burn those calories!

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