Self Defense Tips For Women: The Top 20

Women are the target of 90% or more of all assaults from domestic violence to date, from rape to street crime, just one fact. Guys, you should also consider these tips. They will work for you and you can pass them on to the women in your life.

1. Establish a self defense program.

2. Adopt an attitude of self-defense. This will improve your self-confidence and your power to defend yourself. The development of confidence in your ability to defend yourself is evident.

3. Use common sense and moderation. Everyone has a choice about where they go and how they get there. Stay in well-lit areas, go with a friend, avoid dangerous areas.

4. Learn to avoid a fight. It takes two to tangle. Take the main road and walk away when the opportunity arises.

5. Keep practicing. The self defense skills you learn should become second nature.

6. Be aware of where you are.

7. Hitchhiking is a dangerous use of buses or taxis.

8. Never act or seem like an easy target. Don’t look like a victim. Most men who attack women aren’t that smart, but they aren’t stupid either. Someone who walks with his head down and an unsure step presents an easy target.

9. Have body language that radiates self-confidence.

10. Start screaming non-stop. Then try biting yourself, scratching your eyes, whatever you can do to defend yourself.

11. Trust your instincts. Women especially are blessed with an uncanny ability to feel things. They must use and trust that instinct. When you feel a chill down your spine, be prepared to react.

12. Get a survivor mindset. This begins with developing an awareness of your surroundings and being aware of the fact that women are potential targets throughout your life.

13. Don’t get paranoid. Just keep in mind !!

14. Your priorities are to survive and escape. You don’t get style points. Fight dirty.

15. React quickly. An assault situation demands a quick response, not where is my pepper spray.

16. Use anything in your hands as a personal defense weapon. A pen in your purse, keys, your nails, anything that could cause any harm.

17. Don’t be a provocative target. Getting drunk or high is similar to looking for trouble, even when with friends.

18. Learn some body basics that will give you the results you want. Gouges in the eyes, kicks in the groin, scarring of the hand at the base of the nose, a strong punch to the ear, it will all give you relief.

19. Having a stun gun is not enough. Learn and know how to use them and practice using them. They will give you 3 to 15 minutes to escape and seek help or just escape and survive.

20. Your life is at stake here. I can’t stress this enough to practice different scenarios so that when (not if) the time comes, you instinctively know what to do and it just happens thoughtfully.

Following these tips can end up saving your life. Remember the old saying “walk softly and carry a nasty pepper spray.”

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