Review of the book “Half Marathon” by John Galloway

Jeff Galloway is known as a former Olympian who set records and also represented the USA in all kinds of marathon events. Recently, he has been helping more people prepare for various sets of marathon activities, starting his signature sports organization and producing many textbooks. One of these simple bestsellers is “Half Marathon: You Can Do It,” in which Galloway invents workout routines that are comfortable and time-consuming for a beginner.

However, before running a half marathon, there is a shorter distance to conquer: a 5 km marathon. Inside the “Half Marathon – You Can Do It” brochure, describe how to prepare for a 5K marathon. What’s nice about the Jeff Galloway program is that it has deviated from typical sprinting strategies – most systems feature incredibly intense racing, and Galloway identified this will not suit newcomers. Therefore, he designed a program that is not too overwhelming for the beginning runner, increasingly introducing the focus on rest days for further recovery and implementing an efficient running / walking technique.

The Galloway run / walk procedure, as identified in “Half Marathon – You Can Do It,” consists of not one, but two physical exercise selections. If you decide to “walk” during a running / walking day, you will only walk for the entire time period of the exercise. If you decide to “run”, on the other hand, you will be suggested to run for several seconds, walk for the same number of seconds afterwards, and then duplicate the method until the session ends. If you ever analyze this with other running / walking devices, you will find that it is extremely comfortable and does not put pressure on the amateur runner in any respect.

Jeff Galloway’s 5K workout schedule also provides some really special features. For outing days, Galloway strongly recommends cross training, which means routines that are not relevant to running. As usual, Sundays are for long-distance runs, covering a mile in the first week up to around 4 miles in the week leading up to the marathon itself.

Here is a summary of other guidelines found in the book “Half Marathon – You Can Do It”, intended especially for beginners:

1) Alternate between jogging and walking the instant you start running. Doing this early in your running allows you to recover faster after each practice session.

2) In Galloway training solutions, recovery is the most critical aspect. One of the simplest ways to make this happen is to always start your training at extremely slow speeds, ensuring that power is allocated evenly throughout the duration of the run.

3) It is inescapable that the races get longer as the days go by, so keep your carbohydrates up by taking energy drinks or perhaps meals full of carbohydrates. It is important that all of these meals are consumed effortlessly.

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