Pune – The city of countless epithets

Pune is one of the most glorious cities in India, dubbed as the ‘Queen of the Deccan’. The city is home to many wonderful buildings and places of interest that have great relevance to the history of the Marathas. ‘All About Pune’ includes not only monuments, museums and public gardens, but also hundreds of educational institutions and various manufacturing companies, particularly auto industries based in the metropolitan area.

To know more about Pune, the easiest source is to check the reviews of the city: Pune. City Reviews – Pune allows you to see almost everything about Pune, past and current settings as well. Posted by travel monomaniacs, City Reviews – Pune sheds light on different aspects like Pune Shopping, Sightseeing, Pune Dining, Pune Nightlife and much more.

Shopping in Pune is undoubtedly a lot of fun. Pune’s shopping malls and markets offer original high-end products from household items to trinkets at the best prices. The major shopping streets and shopping areas in Agra are MG Road, Laxmi Road, Tulsi Bagh, Fashion Street, Juna Bazar, Ghorpuri Lines, Swargate, Kothrud etc. that the flea offers for sale in its intrinsic form.

During sightseeing and shopping in Pune, one can also relish delicious cuisines at restaurants in Pune. Restaurants in Pune cater for everyone with multiple cuisines to satisfy your rumbling stomachs. The most visited restaurants in Pune include Sigree Restaurant, Kebab Hut, Mystic Masala, Whispering Bamboos, Malaka Spice, Silk Route, Sheesha Café, Yoko and many more.

The nightlife in Pune is a real place for all the party goers to dive into. Pune people love to celebrate at night, dance to the music in the pubs and enjoy drinks with friends. There are many major nightlife hubs in Pune, of which the most popular include Stone Water Gill, One Lounge, Mauve Nightclub and Bar, The Loop, Casabella, Elbow Room, En Vogue, High Spirits, Fire and Ice Bar, etc. One can take a look at Pune city reviews to explore more exciting nightlife spots in Pune.

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