My dog ​​is a movie star, have you seen him?

My dog ​​Jasper is quite special, no doubt you have heard it quite often from other dog owners or even said it yourself. But Jasper is a movie star…

He’s actually the star of a movie on my website, but he thinks he’s a movie star and who am I to spoil it. The good thing is that your dog can be a movie star too easily and with some cool effects!

Let me tell you how you can turn your furry friend into a movie star too. Just collect some dog photos of him in various poses and expressions. I’m sure you have a lot of them, I do! Especially the ones when he/she was a puppy and did the silliest things that you just had to capture on camera…

Now choose a few and add some transitions, reflections and movement, then record your story about your best friend with your own voice. Roll it all up on film and then you can show it to family and friends and I bet they’ll react much more positively than if you tried to show them a series of still photos on your own.

Sounds too difficult? Not at all – with the magic of digital storytelling, you can turn your photos into movies in no time. I have to confess that I have been doing digital stories for many years and I have also taught hundreds of people how to do them, so I know how it works, but more importantly I know how people react when they realize what it can do. with this. great system! In fact, I made a digital story about creating digital stories and put it all in one comprehensive starter kit for you to download instantly from my website. It’s okay. I’ve also included a written tutorial for you to follow along as you go.

We recently took care of a friend’s dog for a few days while they were away and just before returning him I made a digital history of his visit using about 7 or 8 photos I had taken throughout the week. We returned the dog with a DVD of her stay and the owners loved it!

I offer free weekly tips for digital storytellers on my website and one of the tips here bears repeating: people seem to prefer stories that include their pets over just yours – weird I know, but true!

You can even have fun with digital storytelling, turning it into a game by having each family member tell a different story with the same set of images, and then decide who wins a prize. However, he is too stubborn with all that fame.

Don’t take my word for it though, visit the site and download the starter kit, it has everything you need to get up and running and I know you’ll be having fun in no time after downloading it.

But don’t tell Jasper that he’s the only movie star on the internet!

Happy pup tails!

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