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“On-campus accommodation

The advantages of applying for school dormitories are that they offer maximum security, as the management of school dormitories is very strict, and they generally provide students with water, electricity and internet access, all bills are included in the accommodation fee, no need to run to the bank or write cheques every month. The downside is that it is expensive and, because the school is centrally managed, international students have less flexibility to choose their own accommodation. However, it is important to note that not every university can provide accommodation for students. Most schools in the UK can provide on-campus accommodation for international students, guaranteeing accommodation for international postgraduate students on campus and international undergraduate students in their first year. In addition, many universities in the UK have Leeds student accommodation available for students going on language and foundation courses:

Twin Room/Shared Room

Twin rooms are for students who like to share a room and are afraid of living in a room by themselves. Generally speaking, the Twin Room is the cheapest of all room types.

En-suite Room

En-suite rooms are rooms where each person has their own room with their own bathroom and shower room. Usually 4-8 En-suite rooms are grouped together and called Cluster Flat or Flat, each with a common door, shared living room, kitchen etc. This is the most common type of student accommodation Leeds, but it varies depending on the area and school.

Studio Room

A studio or one-bedroom flat with a bed, desk, wardrobe, toilet, bathroom and kitchen. Some places offer deluxe studios (large single rooms) which can be shared by two people (usually a couple). The difference between this and an En-suite Room is that the suite comes with its own kitchen and does not need to be shared. It is also more expensive than the En-suite.

One Bedroom Flat

The difference between the One Bedroom Flat and the Studio is that the kitchen is separated from the bedroom by a solid wall, so you don’t have to worry about the sound and fumes affecting the bedroom, and therefore the price is the highest.”

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