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What is, “what to do?” It is simply talking about the steps necessary to accomplish a mission. For example, to go to the post office, first get in your car, start it, and drive to the post office. An alternative is to find out where you are, start walking, and do business upon arrival. I’m sure you can identify the “what to do” in other parameters as well.

Now let’s go one step further. Add online marketing, also known as internet marketing or instant messaging. Lots of people are making a LOT of money selling instant messaging products to the general public all over the world. You can also translate your language into many other languages ​​through the software simply, then increase your market share. When you buy one of the products, it soon becomes apparent that you are being told “what to do” to make money, just like the author or seller of the product you just bought. What to do is great as long as you already know the specific requirements to complete the quest! Let’s review the previous paragraph for a few minutes.

How can you get to the post office by car, if you don’t know how to drive, don’t have a license, or even know where the PO is located? See all the missing information, just to get to the purchase order? The author of the product you just bought doesn’t care if he knows where the PO is or if he knows how to drive. He’s going to say “what to do” to get there anyway! It’s like wanting to walk to the PO, yet you’re a double amputee with no help from any device to help you walk. You stay right where you are and the author of this new product doesn’t give a damn. He just wants to sell you more products.

About selling you more products: If the author has a vivid imagination, they can think of 20, 50, 100 or more ways to tell you “what to do.” You now have 100 or more products to sell to you, under different titles. All the time this happens, it can take years if you buy these “what to do” products, you’re still sitting there with no legs to move.

Now enter the world of “how to”. You now know how to start the car, have a license, and can drive to the PO after finding out where it is. Don’t you feel much better now that you know all this? For sure yes. So why buy these useless, almost fraudulent, “what to do” products? The “how” is simple. How to set up your website, how to use cPanel on your web host, how to use other software to set up your autoresponder and follow up emails, how to advertise on and offline for your net products, how to use File Zilla to upload your site’s pages to the host server. There’s even more “how to” set up IM so you can make money.

Now, which do you prefer, the “what to do” product or the “how to” product? The answer is so simple that I won’t even answer it. You, as the reader, answer for yourself. Now you have the “how” of life in your hands. What will you do with it? Whatever you do, DO NOT go back to that jerk who keeps selling you the same “what to do” products. If you do, remember, you are a double amputee with no mobility aids ANYWHERE.

Hey, some of these IM marketers/authors are honest people. Well, then you decide what they are! Maybe a body finds out after spending thousands of dollars on “what to do” products and never really knows or understands the “how” to make money online.

Well, okay, there is another method for all this. However, keep in mind that many of these “what to do” guys and gals still do NOT know or understand the “how to” formula. Here we go then. Another way these “what to do” gangsters get you is by sending information. Also known as outsourcing. They go to India, Russian areas, Malaysia or other places where low cost flourishes and ask them to collect all the “stuff” on this website, so that you can continue to buy their “what to do” products. Now you know how these people do it without even knowing “how” themselves. They don’t care people. They say, “give me the money.”

Yes, we all want to make a dollar or two. If you want to crawl on the backs of innocents to do it, then go ahead. Just don’t come back here crying in the ashes of your spent hard earned money. Remember, anyone can outsource on the net. You have no real way of knowing if the author or seller of these “what to do” products has been duped just like us or is a criminal hiding behind foreign websites, hosting companies and external sources or in the country.

The end result of this Report is to know what you are buying. Understand the MAIN differences between the world of “what to do” and the world of “how”. The “how to” world is the ONLY way to go, IMHO.

Beware of these so-called “online IM gurus” who just want your money, want to sell “what to do” products over and over again under different titles, or just don’t care that they don’t understand the “how to” world “. Maybe some of these people don’t realize the differences, so they may still be honest people, just as deluded as we are.

Also remember, they use different titles for the same basic information that we all keep buying. We bought it because we believe that most people are honest and we will eventually learn something from them about how to make money or how to sell what they sell. They keep selling the same information under different titles, they either honestly don’t know any better or they are just Ohl crooks online.

Don’t forget that this information also applies to network marketing. For more information and a proven method of making money through a “how to” income opportunity, check out our Resource Box section below.

Know your doctor, well, know your salesperson for IM products and network marketing opportunities, too. If they ONLY subcontract, not knowing or not caring what they are doing to you, then stay away from them! PERIOD!

The “how to” guy
jim halloran

PS: I don’t subcontract – We know “how” first.
PSS: Please join us in this effort to earn income online, I’ll provide you with the free tutorial “How To” source too, free of charge.

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