How to get your girlfriend back when she says it’s over

Breakups are rarely a good thing. This is particularly true if you are a man desperately in love with a woman who no longer wants to be with you. When she says it’s over, you can probably feel your heart breaking and your future crumbling. The normal route to take after a separation is to mourn the loss for a few months and then move on. You will probably compare every woman you date in the future to the one who ran away. Instead of living with the regret of never trying again, why not do everything you can to get it back?

There is a misconception that once a relationship ends, it ends forever. Many couples reunite after a time apart, and the reason is that one of the couples knew what to do to make that happen. It may seem like the way to get her back once she says it’s over is to beg for a second chance until she gives up and grants it to you. This approach will almost always result in convincing her that you did the right thing to finish it. Women don’t want to be with men who beg and plead, they want to be with strong and emotionally stable men.

Respecting your decision to separate when you say it’s over should always be your first step. You should agree with her that you need a separate time. Don’t go overboard and tell him that you think it’s a great idea. Just tell him that some distance would be good for both of you and that you will use the time to think. That single statement will do wonders when it comes to getting it back. Whenever a man says he needs to think, the woman in his life begins to imagine what it is all about. If you seem to be in control and agree to the breakup, he will eat your ex.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to make her jealous to get her back. This is a very bad idea for several reasons. Once your ex girlfriend sees you with another woman, she can never get that image out of her head. If you want to get her back, focus on yourself and not other women. Do everything you can to improve your own life so that your ex will be impressed. You want to show him what he’s missing.

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