Handles for kitchen cabinets: style within reach

Kitchen cabinet handles can add extra interest to your kitchen, whether it’s new or remodeled. Handles, knobs and pulls are part of a family of hardware that can bring your room to life. You have many things to consider when it comes to choosing your cabinet drawer handles.

Style is important, because you’ll be looking at these handles for years to come. You can get sweaters in different styles and colors. If you have a dark kitchen, you may want to choose something bright or statement. This will light up your kitchen. It’s easy on the eyes to see flashes of light winking at you as you walk past the kitchen cabinets.

Remember that cabinet handles will get a lot of use

Style refers to the different shapes of the knobs. They come in more forms than you can imagine. In addition to this, there are some basic categories of these items that most of them fall under. One type is the wire puller. Some are surface mounted. Others are called mortise cabinet handles. Ask your hardware dealer to show you the different types and see how they differ.

When selecting the style, keep in mind that most kitchen items are meant to be used. They are in a busy part of the house. You may have food substances that you have been mixing on your hands. You can easily transfer this to cabinet pulls.

So you want to make sure you can easily wash them when you’re done. If there are too many grooves or indentations in the design, it will be a nightmare to clean them up when the cake batter falls off.

It’s also important to remember how busy the kitchen can be when considering what material you want for your drawer pulls. Soft synthetic materials are generally easy to clean, although some do not do well in heat.

Brass handles don’t tarnish easily

Some materials will stain if you leave them with water after reaching for a utensil after washing your hands, for example. Brass is a good material because it does not tarnish on exposure to water. Stainless steel is generally not very aesthetically pleasing, but it is durable and easy to clean. You have to find the right compromise between functionality and beauty. If you’re lucky, you’ll find handles with both.

Buying handles to install on your cabinet can be a chore or it can be fun. There are certainly hundreds of options and it can seem overwhelming to consider them all. However, if you start the process with some idea in mind of what you want, you can narrow your search quickly. Interesting cabinet door handles should be fun to look at.

Searching for kitchen cabinet handles can be like searching for a missing contact. You know what you want is right in front of you, but you just can’t seem to find it. Look carefully at the options and you will find that the handles you dream of have been there all along.

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