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One way that tattoo designers can market their designs is by doing freelance work from home. The tattoo design contest is something that will allow both designers and tattoo enthusiasts to create and market their designs. You can even inform other artists about the contest so that they too can enter the contest. Another way to market designs is by posting them on websites where the designer is a registered member. In this way, your artwork will be visible on the Internet for everyone.

When considering freelance work, there are other areas that are great for gaining more visibility in the market. For instance; websites that provide designers and clients with a platform to find job / projects to create tattoos and offer jobs to create tattoo designs, respectively. These websites have numerous fields / areas where designers can bid for jobs as freelance designers. Once a potential client sponsors a job on any of these sites, a huge contest is marked with applicants from all over the world.

Also, one can search the internet for other contests that offer freelance tattoo designers to enter. Many of these are open to new artists, but have some rules that designers new to the freelance world should know, such as:

1. Designs must be completely original designs. There are millions of designs available, but the one submitted should not be close to one already created in someone else’s name.

2. Designs are divided into several classes by size, color, location, and categories that can include tribal, cartoon, fantasy, abstract, and many other designs (so make sure the designs are entered in the correct classes).

3. All entries must be submitted within a specific size for each class in terms of width and height of the tattoo.

4. All entries must be submitted by a specific date, and most contests do not make exceptions for late entries.

5. The borders of the entries are decided within the rules of the contest, some require a smooth border; others may be indeterminate or unequal. So one must be careful with these details.

6. All tattoos entered must be created by the artists at the time of the contest and must be based on the tattoo ideas and personal preferences of the client.

7. Judges are not informed about the tattoo designer, designer or client to be tattooed. In most contests, the judges are only shown the tattoos in the different classes. Some may even require a photograph of the body part before the tattoo is considered a potential winner to verify that the tattoo design was conceived and completed in the contest itself.

8. There are generally age limits for clients in the contest; but some require participants to be at least 18 years of age or older.

A great way for freelance tattoo designers to start considering entering tattoo design contests. It may be by participating in various tattoo design contests, and another may be to host the contests and display your portfolio so that the artists and contest participants can also view your designs for future use.

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