Business Kenya – How to register a company in Kenya

There are 10 easy steps to business registration in Kenya. You start at the Sheria House Business Register.

1. Name search: It goes without saying. You need a name. This part takes two days and costs less than $5.

2. Prepare Memorandum and Article of Association: These documents describe your company’s goals, rules, subscribers, and authorized share capital.

3.Pay the stamp duty: The amount of money you pay depends on your stated face capital. Start by collecting four forms from the Kenya Revenue Authority in the Times Towers. Two copies go to the Property Registry, one is retained by you and the other by the bank.

4. Declaration of conformity: An oath commissioner must sign this form on your behalf.

5. Submit Deeds at the Registry office: Then you must present your documents at the Companies Registry.

This includes your memorandum and articles of association. There is a miscellaneous fee attached to this.

6. Register for a Personal Identity Number, VAT and PAYMENT: This takes one day to register with Times Tower and is free.

7. Register with NHIF: NHIF stands for National Hospital Insurance Fund. This is the mandatory medical contribution for your employees.

Check in at the NHIF building.

8. Register with NSSF: NSSF stands for National Social Security Fund. It is mandatory to contribute to the retirement fund of your employees. Registration takes place at the NSSF building at the end of Valley Road.

9. Register for a business permit: This application is made for the City Hall. You will need office space before submitting this application.

10. Get the Seal of your Company. This is the last bit. You can get good quality company stamps at Seal Honey Stationers in Nairobi.

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