Are Lush Bath Bombs Safe For Kids?

Lush Bath Bombs Safe For Kids

Fortunately, you can get beautiful, luxurious-smelling bath bombs without worrying about your little one’s safety. These bombs are made with natural ingredients, such as bicarbonate of soda and citric acid. Children can digest them better, which is one reason why most people prefer to buy bath bombs with organic ingredients. However, they’re not completely safe for children. If you’re unsure of the ingredients in bath bombs, you can read reviews to determine whether they’re safe for children.

Although it’s difficult to know how much essential oil is used in Bath bombs for kids, it’s best to stick to two to four drops per bath. Also, make sure your child doesn’t swallow a large piece. While bath bombs are fun for kids, you’ll want to ensure that your child can’t get into them or swallow them, so you may want to buy a smaller version. Popular Science recommends making homemade bath bombs for your child instead.

While Lush bath bombs contain no chemical ingredients, parents should make sure their children are over three months old. It’s important to keep children away from the bath bombs containing sulfates, which can cause skin irritation. In addition, Lush also produces bombs with toys inside. You can’t tell which ones your child will enjoy more, but they should be safe for your child’s age.

Are Lush Bath Bombs Safe For Kids?

To make a bath bomb, you can add some melted coconut oil to the dry mixture. This can be done to resemble wet sand, but you should be careful to avoid over-drying the mixture. To create your bath bombs, mix the ingredients until they’re well-mixed. The final product should look like a thick paste. The mixture should be firm to touch, but still moist enough to hold the molds together.

You can also make your own bath bombs at home with toys or other toys. To make a bath bomb, you’ll need baking soda, citric acid, and some essential oils. Choose kid-safe essential oils. You can also use liquid soap coloring, as it goes a long way. However, if you’re making bath bombs for kids, it’s best to use essential oils with a child-safe formula.

While most “natural” bath bombs contain essential oils, there are still some that are not safe for babies. While most essential oils are harmful at high concentrations, they are usually well-diluted to be safe for older children. You should also look for products that don’t have small objects inside them, as these can present a choking hazard. Always check the labels before you purchase a bath bomb.

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