Advantages of HDTV

DirecTV currently offers 95 channels of high definition television, also known as HDTV. Buying a new movie in Blue Ray or HD format can be expensive. In fact, you may be limited to enjoying your new widescreen TV on the weekends, when you can afford to buy a new $50.00 DVD. Order Satellite TV not only brings you the latest Hollywood movies in HD, but also dozens of channels of original content, encore presentations, and your favorite networks and cable channels that you tune in to every week.

What are some of the advantages that HDTV offers? If you’ve ever wanted to bring the cinema experience home and create your own home theater system, then a digital HDTV is the only way to achieve that goal. An HDTV provides clearer pictures, superior sound quality, a larger viewing screen, and progressive scan. Usually this great TV system would be useless if you just used it to rent DVDs. Otherwise, you’d be watching regular TV content on a widescreen TV that’s equipped for so much more. The HDTV offered by DirecTV combines the experience of the theater system with the high level of channels offered by regular cable or satellite television.

The two biggest advantages to consider are the improved quality of HDTV along with the variety of channels now available for this service. What are some of the most popular channels that are now available in HD? Not counting the big networks, you can enjoy premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, The Movie Channel, and Toon Disney. You can enjoy multiple sports channels like The NFL Network, NHL, NBA TV, and The Tennis Channel. For educational programming, you can enjoy Animal Planet, The History Channel, National Geographic, and The Discovery Channel on a high-resolution widescreen. In fact, DirecTV has more channels than any other TV provider, including broadcast network providers, cable, and other satellite providers like Dish Network. They currently offer 95 channels made exclusively for digital HDTVs.

In addition to these benefits, HDTV also solves typical television problems such as low-quality sharpness, brightness or contrast issues, discoloration, and other visual or audio imperfections. HDTV also eliminates problems related to double images (ghosting), snow caused by weak signals, and picture “flare” resulting from impulse noise. When you compare an HDTV channel to a standard channel, you get a picture five times sharper than what you’re used to seeing.

In 2009, all networks will switch to digital broadcasting. This means you’ll have to buy a digital TV, order cable, or install a digital converter box if you don’t choose satellite TV. Why not buy a higher quality TV and order DirecTV, paying less for 95 high resolution channels you can actually watch? Regular network programming has never looked so good and the last time you remember your favorite movie with this dynamic was at the theater!

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