31 elements to include in the rental form of the lease addenda

The Lease Addenda is a very, very important form for homeowners. This leasing addendum spells out in plain language all the key things we’ve learned over the years that our tenants really need to know about. This document includes, but is not limited to (actually, there are 31 items covered in this document) items such as:

  1. Deposits and last month’s rent (will not be used).
  2. Due dates and late fees for rent
  3. Smoke Alarm Batteries Reminder
  4. Air conditioning filter reminder
  5. Landscaping responsibilities
  6. Unauthorized repairs / upgrades
  7. 30 days notice reminder
  8. Criminal activity
  9. Move-in inspection reminder (rental property condition)
  10. Sublease

You’ll want to copy and paste these elements as well as other elements that you might think make sense for your specific property in the body of the document at the bottom of this post (which is just a sample header and footer for ease of use) . So without further ado, here are the 31 items that we include in every lease addendum for every rental agreement we sign with a tenant:

  1. The tenant understands that the security / cleaning / redecoration deposit will NOT be used to pay the last month’s rent.
  2. Rentals are due on the 1st of each month and are in arrears on the 2nd. 5-day notices will be provided; There is a service fee for each advertisement, and this is charged to the tenant. The late fee is $ 35.00 per day retroactive from the 5th of the month.
  3. The tenant will take responsibility for checking the batteries in the smoke detector at least once a month and replacing them when necessary. If the smoke alarm does not work, the tenant must notify the landlord / landlord immediately.
  4. Tenants must change air conditioning filters every 30 days. Failure of the tenant to change the filters may cause the tenant to be billed for damages. The tenant must maintain the interior of the house in a clean, orderly and “serviced” manner. Failure to do so can be a cause of excessive wear and tear and can be considered a substantial breach of the terms of the lease.
  5. The tenant is responsible for maintaining lawns, desert landscaping, shrubs, trees, and other gardens, including trimming and pruning. Lack of maintenance of the exterior of the premises is a justification for withholding deposits to restore the property to pre-rental conditions.
  6. Repairs caused by the resident’s negligence or negligence will be billed to the tenant (i.e. a child’s toy causes a blockage in a toilet or sewer line, or excess hair clogs the sink or shower line). Such charges must be paid within ten (10) days of written notification from the landlord / landlord.
  7. The landlord / landlord will NOT pay for unauthorized repairs.
  8. Tenants will not work or repair vehicles on the premises; There must be no unregistered, non-operating or parked commercial vehicles on, in front of, or adjacent to the property that are visibly in view from the street.
  9. The owner / landlord only warrants the serviceability of the following appliances: air conditioner, heater, conventional water heaters, range / oven, refrigerator and dishwasher, if provided, and all other major plumbing and electrical systems. The landlord / landlord does not guarantee or repair the washer (s) and dryer (s).
  10. It is the tenant’s responsibility to purchase and maintain liability insurance if the tenant has a waterbed and / or a pet. As stated in the lease, written permission must be obtained from the landlord / landlord to install a waterbed or keep a pet on the property.
  11. The landlord / landlord is not responsible for the personal belongings of the tenants. The tenant understands that they may choose to obtain renters / renters insurance.
  12. The tenant must give written notice thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of this agreement to vacate or renew. Month to month, the termination of this lease can only coincide with the end of a calendar month, unless agreed by all parties.
  13. The tenant must allow the landlord / owner / real estate agents to show the property for lease or sale during the last thirty (30) days of the lease with proper notice. The tenant will allow the placement of a lockable safe deposit box during the last 30 days of the lease. Failure to comply may result in loss of deposits.
  14. The tenant can obtain a free copy of the AZ Residential Landlord / Tenant Act from the Secretary of State’s office.
  15. Non-refundable fees will apply to the following: cleaning / carpet cleaning / changing of property keys.
  16. The tenant acknowledges having received a move-in inspection form. It is the tenant’s responsibility to return to the landlord / landlord within ten (10) days after occupancy.
  17. Criminal Activity – The tenants or members of the tenant’s household will not allow the home to be used for or to facilitate criminal activity, including drug-related activity, regardless of whether the person participating in such activity is a member of the household or a host. Violation of this provision will be a material and irreparable violation of the lease and good cause for immediate termination of the lease. Proof of the violation will not require a criminal conviction, but will be based on the preponderance of the evidence.
  18. Indemnification: The tenants will indemnify and hold the owner harmless from any claim, liability, penalties, damages, expenses and lawsuits for injuries or accidents to people or property of any nature, regardless of the cause, that occurs in or around the rented facilities. during the term of the lease and any other period of occupancy, including costs, expenses, attorney fees incurred by the Owner in defense of such claims, whether such claims are adequately covered by insurance or not.
  19. Waiver: The waiver of either party to any breach of this lease will not be considered a waiver of such breach on a later occasion, and the failure of either party to insist on compliance with the terms, agreements and The conditions of this lease will not constitute a waiver of the right of said party from now on to enforce said term, agreement or condition, but it will remain in full force and effect. If any provision or part of it in this lease is unenforceable or illegal, the remaining terms will remain in full force and effect.
  20. Utilities – Tenants are responsible for all utilities being placed in their name prior to moving in. The tenant also agrees to pay each and every deposit (if applicable) as required by the utility companies.
  21. Assignment and subletting: The tenant cannot assign or sublease the premises without the express written permission of the owner / lessor. The landlord / owner will charge an application fee to cover the cost of credit and background checks.
  22. Alterations: The tenant will not make any alteration, addition or improvement to the property, either inside or outside, without the written consent of the landlord / landlord.
  23. If the property has an electric garage door opener, the remote controls will be operational upon move-in. Remotes are not guaranteed beyond move-in.
  24. Tenant agrees to return all house keys, mailbox keys, garage door openers, and any other keys upon move-in. If all keys are not returned, there will be a $ 75.00 key change fee and $ 35.00 for each garage door remote.
  25. The tenant agrees to conduct a final inspection with the landlord / landlord at the end of the lease term. The tenant agrees to have all personal property removed from the premises at the time of the final inspection. The landlord / landlord is not required to conduct a joint move-in inspection with the tenant if ARS 33-1321C applies.
  27. The tenant understands that smoking is not allowed inside the house or garage.
  28. The tenant agrees to notify the landlord / landlord immediately of any water leakage that occurs (i.e. leaks in sinks / vanities / bathtubs / showers / laundry faucets / appliances, ceiling stains, or any observed water penetration) .
  29. Tenants are responsible for having carpets professionally cleaned before lease expires; The proof of cleaning is made by receipt.
  30. If the property is located in a homeowners association, the tenant is responsible for any fines imposed on the property for violations caused by the tenant. The two most common violations are trash cans left outside on non-collected days and weed control. Rules and regulations for homeowners are available only by written request.
  31. In the event the property is sold, the lease / rental agreement between the owner and the tenant is canceled on the date the new owner takes possession of the property. The tenant has 30 days to vacate the property or sign a new lease with the new owner at the owner’s option.

Actual.pdf and Word documents are available in the publication of this article that I made on my blog. Located here:


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