3 pitfalls of social media and how to overcome them

The most common mistake on social media is the “more is better” kind of attitude, because it isn’t. Posting hundreds of posts per day can have the same results as a maximum of 4-5 posts per day at the right time. The level of success in driving traffic through social networks will be achieved with moderation, timing and precision. You never flood every social platform on the planet with a tsunami of affiliate links, because that way you won’t get any results. At best, you will only annoy your audience.

Commenting and posting in Groups and / or Forums will require that you first read the rules of the particular Group or Forum. Some sites will not allow you to share links, and if you do, the site administrator will block and even remove it. Again, even when you are allowed to share links, you should never share raw affiliate links. The only links you should share within your social network should be links to your own landing pages, websites or blogs and groups.

Another stumbling block is “duplication,” as many newbies tend to fall victim to this trend, desperately trying to make a sale. Social media is not about generating a sale but about gaining a subscriber, follower or friend within your niche. When you submit too many posts or duplicate content, you will be marked as a spammer and you don’t want it. In many cases, your social profile can be suspended and even deleted.

Sharing “affiliate links” is another stumbling block, and with some social platforms like Facebook, your link may even be tagged as insecure. Once this happens, all your efforts to use social media for the exhibition will be in vain. No one will click on a link that warns them of a certain risk to their PC, especially professionals. As mentioned above, there is only a certain type of link that needs to be shared through social media. You just share links to your personal website, blog, landing page, or even blog or group.

Avoid these pitfalls, and if you don’t have your own links to share, then you should start with that. Even if it’s just a blog, where you include a web form to gain subscribers to your list. To Blog is to inspire and share useful content with the main goal of gaining a subscriber and even a follower for your blog.

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